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Welcoming address by the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region

The Arkhangelsk Region is one of the richest territories of Russia. A unique abundance of subsoil presented, for instance, in the only diamondiferous province in Europe, an innovative shipbuilding cluster, a multipurpose port with year-round service, a direct and independent access to the World Ocean – just to mention a few advantages of this part of the country. The regional brand "Arkhangelsk Timber" evolved into a distinctive quality mark of local wood and products made from it exported to 79 countries of the world.

The Arkhangelsk Region is rich not only in natural resources and in production capabilities, but primarily in highly educated, hardworking and responsible people.

Our territory is a platform for projects on the development of the Russian Arctic, and therefrom the importance of the Arkhangelsk Region continues to grow annually.

Because of its geographical position, Arkhangelsk emerged as a most convenient transhipment hub for the Northern Sea Route and as a location for the manufacturing of the infrastructure facilities providing the development of offshore oil and gas projects. Besides, the shipbuilding giants of Severodvinsk already have huge experience in production of marine equipment for oil and gas output.

We invite investors from around the globe to discover this astonishing northern territory to comprehend that doing business in the Arkhangelsk Region is profitable and comfortable!

Igor Orlov
Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region