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The timber industry of Russia is a set of branches of the Russian industry connected with harvesting and processing of wood. One of the oldest branches of the economy. In Russia, one-fourth of all world timber reserves are located. According to data for 2015, the total forest area exceeded 885 million hectares, which is 45% of the country's total area. At the same time, the timber stock was around 82 billion cubic meters. The main share of forest-forming species is coniferous: pine, spruce, larch, cedar.

The Arkhangelsk Region is one of the leading forestry centers in Russia. Here are the largest capacities for chemical and mechanical wood processing. The pulp cooking capacity is more than 2.1 million tons, on paper - 563 thousand tons, for the production of sawn timber - 1.8 million cubic meters, glued plywood - 120 thousand cubic meters.

The region provides a third of the Russian pulp and paperboard volumes, up to 8 percent of sawn timber and up to 11 percent of the paper. The capacity for production of wood pellets in the volume of 300 thousand tons was created. Since 2014, the issue of office types of papers of various formats and import-substituting products - coated paper has been started.

The volume of investment in the forest industry from 2008 to 2015 amounted to more than 50 billion rubles, including 32 billion rubles for priority investment projects in the field of forest development.

To improve the work of the forestry complex in the region, including the creation of conditions for the effective implementation of innovations, the Strategy for the Development of the Timber Industry Complex of the Arkhangelsk Region for the period until 2030 has been adopted.