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Krasnoborsky District

General information

11 138 people
Total area
947390 hectares
Date of formation
1929 year

Transport accessibility

Road transport

The main highway of regional significance is Ust-Vaga - Yadrikha.
The distance from the administrative center of Krasnoborsk village by road to Arkhangelsk is 535 km, to Kotlas - 67 km.
Passenger transportation on the territory of the district is carried out by the municipal enterprise Krasnoborskoye ATP.

Railway transport

There is no railway transport on the territory of the district, the distance from the village of Krasnoborsk to the nearest railway station of Yadrikha is 58 km.

Water transport

The district is located on two banks of the navigable river Severnaya Dvina. Communication with settlements during navigation is carried out by ferry. In winter, an ice road is formed along the Severnaya Dvina River.


Mineral resource base

Clay, sand-gravel mixture, peat, mineral water.
Clay reserves are estimated at 200 thousand m3, peat - 70 thousand m3.

Forest and land resources

The total area of Krasnoborsky forestry is 863590 hectares . The area occupied by operational forests is 695,637 ha
The total area of agricultural lands of Krasnoborsky district is 115.64 thousand hectares. At the same time, unused lands amount to 5,939 thousand hectares.

Economic indicators

The volume of investments in fixed assets, thousand rubles.
Average monthly nominal accrued salary of employees of organizations, rub.
The volume of shipped goods of the organizations' own production, works and services performed, thousand rubles.

Mainstays of the economy

Timber industry


Investment passport of the municipal entity
Single Window System for investors
Investment projects and proposals
Investment sites and their passports
Available infrastructure
Council for the improvement of investment climate
Laws and regulations in the sphere of investment and entrepreneurship activity


Head, Municipality’s Administration
165430, Russia, Arkhangelsk Region, Krasnoborsky district, Krasnoborsk, 7-а Gagarin Street
Reception phone