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Novaya Zemlya

General information

3 120 people
Total area
137800 hectares
Date of formation
2002 year


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The total area of glaciation of Novaya Zemlya is 29,767 km2, 92% of it is covering glaciation and 7.9% – mountain glaciers.

Mineral Reserve Base

Deposits of ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, zinc, silver, copper.

The most significant of them is the Rogachevsko-Taininsky manganese ore province – by prognosis evaluation, the largest in Russia.
The manganese ores are carbonate and oxide. Carbonate ores with an average manganese grade of 8–15% are expanded over the area of approximately 800 km2, prognosticated resources of the P2 category are estimated at 260 million tons. Oxide ores with an average manganese grade of 16–24 to 45% are concentrated mainly in the north of the province – in the Severo-Tayninskoe ore field, prognosticated resources of the P2 category are estimated at 5 million tons. As per the results of the technology based testing, the ores are suitable for metallurgical concentrate. All the oxide ores deposits can be mined by open pit means.

Polymetallic ores. Several ore fields (Pavlovskoe, Severnoe, Perevalnoe) with polymetallic ores deposits are prospected. Pavlovskoe deposit within the limit of homonymous ore field is currently the only deposit in Novaya Zemlya with approved balance reserves.

The reserves of the Pavlovskoe deposit contain:

  • ore: 19,359.5 thousand tons;
  • zinc: 1,050.1 thousand tons;
  • lead: 245.5 thousand tons;
  • silver: 387.4 thousand tons.

On Yuzhny Island, there are occurrences of native copper cupriferous sandstones.
In waters around the archipelago, there is a number of geological structures with prospective offshore oil and gas deposits. The Shtokman gas and condensate field – the largest on the Russian continental shelf – is located 300 km of the coast of Novaya Zemlya.
By its proven reserves of natural gas, the Shtokman field is one of the largest in the world. Its explored reserves of the C1 category account for 3.8 trillion cubic metres of gas and around 53.3 million tons of gas condensate.

Water Resources

The water fund of Novaya Zemlya includes 271 lakes with total area 595.1 km2.
On Severny Island of Novaya Zemlya, there are 88 lakes with total area 265 km2.
On Yuzhny Island of Novaya Zemlya, there are 183 lakes with total area 329.9 km2.
On both islands of the archipelago, there are 530 small rivers with the total length of flow 9,082 km.

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Head, the Urban Community of Novaya Zemlya
163055, Russia, Arkhangelsk Region, Arkhangelsk-55, Novaya Zemlya, 16 Sovetskaya Street
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