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Onezhsky District

General information

29 031 human
Total area
23755,73 hectares
Date of formation
1929 year


Road Transport

The road network of the district is not evenly developed. Onezhsky District is linked to Arkhangelsk by two paved roads, one of them crosses the settlement of Plesetsk. The distance between the administrative centre of the district (Onega) and the regional centre (Arkhangelsk) is 208 km by a motorway.

Rail Transport

The city of Onega is a railway terminal point. There is 32 km of a dead end siding between the station of Onega and the trunk railroad.

Air Transport

In the city of Onega, there is an airport with an unsurfaced runway capable of accepting small aircrafts.

Water Transport

In Onega, there is a seaport. Core functions of the port: export of timber, carriage of passengers.


Mineral Reserve Base

19 subsoil plots with industrial minerals. Several gold-platinum occurrences with total prognosticated resources of 214 tons of gold and 124 tons of platinum.

In the northwestern part of Onezhsky District, the prognosticated recourses of basalt account for some one billion cubic metres, however, only one deposit – Shapochka – with its 110 million cubic metres is currently explored and assessed.

Forest Resources

Volume of timber harvesting: 960 thousand m3 annually.

Economic Indicators

Fixed asset investments
thousand roubles
Number of small and medium-sized businesses
45 229.8
Average nominal monthly wage of employees of large and medium enterprises and non-profit organisations


The priority social and economic development area of Onega was established within the limits of the municipal entity Onezhskoye. This is a special zone for carrying out business activities because its residents have a wide array of tax preferences. For more information on being a PSEDA Onega's resident and other matters concerning this issue, see the section regarding PSEDA Onega.

Onega Municipal District is included in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

Administrative and tax preferences are provided for initiators of new investment projects in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation with an investment volume of more than 1 million rubles.

Mainstays of the economy

Timber industry


Investment passport of the municipal entity
Single Window System for investors
Investment projects and proposals
Investment sites and their passports
Available infrastructure
Council for the improvement of investment climate
Laws and regulations in the sphere of investment and entrepreneurship activity


Канал прямой связи
First Deputy Head of the Municipal Administration, Chairman of the KUMI
6 Sharevskiy Street, Onega, Arkhangelsk Region, 164840, Russia
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