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Primorskiy District

General information

25 100 people
Total area
46100 hectares
Date of formation
1929 year


Road Transport

The total length of local public motorways in the municipality is 553.4 km, including 254.1 km within the limits of the settlements (the maintenance is the responsibility of the settlements) and 299.3 km outside the settlements (related to local issues of the municipal district). The federal motorway M8 Arkhangelsk – Moscow crosses the territory of the district.

Water Transport

Naval transportation plays an essential role in the servicing of the Arctic coastal areas of the district: the archipelagos of Solovetsky Islands and Franz Josef Land, Victoria Island. In the Arctic Ocean, near the White Sea, runs the Northern Sea Route.

Air Transport

Air transportation is intended mostly to deliver emergency shipments, passenger services, and forest protection. Main airports – Arkhangelsk (Talagi) and Vaskovo – are located near the city of Arkhangelsk.


Mineral Reserve Base

In the territory of the district, there the Lomonosov Diamond Deposit, which consists of six kimberlite pipes with overall reserves of about 166.7 million carats.
Construction mineral resources: brick clays, construction and silicate sands, moulding sands, peat, sapropel.

Land and Forest Resources

In the forest composition, coniferous species are predominant.
The agricultural land is used for peasant-farmer households, individual subsidiary husbandry, gardening, vegeculture, animal breeding, and plant growing.


Total area of the forestry fund is, hectares

42 %

the forested area is around


Total area of the agricultural land, hectares

Water Resources

The groundwater resource base includes 5 aquifers of drinking groundwater, 3 aquifers of mineral water, 1 aquifer of industrial iodine water.

Economic Indicators


Fixed asset investments, million roubles


Number of small and medium-sized businesses


Average nominal monthly wage of employees, roubles

Mainstays of the economy

Mineral extraction
Fishing industry and aquaculture
Transport and logistic


Investment passport of the municipal entity
Single Window System for investors
Investment projects and proposals
Investment sites and their passports
Available infrastructure
Council for the improvement of investment climate
Laws and regulations in the sphere of investment and entrepreneurship activity


Deputy Head of the Local Administration for Investment Development, Head of the Department of Economics and Forecasting
163002, Russia, Arkhangelsk, 30 Lomonosov Avenue, Office 23
Reception phone