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General information

180 700 people
Total area
1193,49 hectares
Date of formation
1938 year


Road Transport

A 35 km access road connects Severodvinsk to the federal motorway M8 Moscow – Yaroslavl – Vologda – Arkhangelsk. The regional motorway Arkhangelsk – Onega ensures the automobile connection to Onega and Onega District.

Internal Communication

The motorways near Severodvinsk (Koroda Road, Kudma Road, Solza Road) ensures the transport connection to gardening partnerships and the villages of Greater Kudma and Tabory.

Rail Transport

The railroad haul between Severodvinsk and Arkhangelsk-Isakogorka, which belongs to JSC Russian Railways, ensures passenger and cargo transportation to either Vologda or Murmansk destinations. The railroad Severodvinsk – Nenoksa also belongs to JSC Russian Railways and ensures the transport connection to the town of Nenoksa and the villages of Solza and Syuzma; it is used for the connection to the Central Naval Testing Ground of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, as well as for the conveying passengers in suburban communication.

Sea Transport

The presence of a military port, which belongs to the White Sea Naval Base, and the berths of the enterprises of the State Centre of the Nuclear Shipbuilding of Russia allows performing maritime traffic for the purposes of the Ministry of Defence and the shipbuilding enterprises.

Transport accessibility of the municipality’s administrative centre

Transport node

Distance, km

nearest railway station (Arkhangelsk)


nearest airport (Arkhangelsk-Talagi)


regional centre (by motorway)


nearest river port, quay (Arkhangelsk)



Mineral Reserve Base

Deposits of construction materials: sands, clays, sand and gravel mixes.

Water Resources

Rivers and lakes (Pal Lake, Beloye Lake), and the coastal waters of the White Sea are rich in diverse living resources. In the Kurtyaevo area, there is a spring of therapeutic mineral underground waters.

Economic Indicators

10 110.2

Fixed asset, investments, million roubles

5 127
Number of small and medium-sized businesses

Average nominal monthly wage of employees of large and medium enterprises and non-profit organisations

Mainstays of the economy

Shipbuilding and shiprepair
Food industry


Investment passport of the municipal entity
Investment sites and their passports
Available infrastructure
Laws and regulations in the sphere of investment and entrepreneurship activity


Канал прямой связи для бизнеса
Deputy Head for Financial and Economic Issues, Municipality of the City of Severodvinsk
164501, Russia, Arkhangelsk Region, Severodvinsk, 7 Plyusnin Street
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