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Муниципальный инвестиционный стандарт 2.0

Municipal Investment Standard 2.0 (MIS 2.0) is a quality system to work with investors in the territory of a municipal entity of the Arkhangelsk Region, which includes structured set of documents regulating the procedures of support, planning and implementation of investment projects, coordination of the activities of the local executive authorities in delivering municipal services and promotion of the investment opportunities of the municipal entity.

The main purpose of implementing MIS 2.0 is the increase of investment appeal of the municipal entity of the Arkhangelsk Region.

MIS 2.0 consists of:

  1. Policy guidance to introduce the standard and establishing assessment criteria for achievement of certain indicators, a set of key provisions of the standard and requirements to match them, model documents (standard operating procedures of the council for business development and investment adjacent to the head of the municipal entity, rules of support of the investment projects, investment site passport), standard roadmap of implementation of the standard in municipal entities.

  2. A monitoring system of implementation of the MIS provisions and fulfillment of performance indicators.

  3. A pool of the best community practices of implementation of the MIS provisions.

Key MIS provisions have been approved by the Decision of the Project Board of the Arkhangelsk Region of 20 November 2018:

  1. Investment passport.

  2. Legal framework.

  3. Advisory body on investment and entrepreneurship development (Council).

  4. Structural unit / designated official responsible for attraction of investments and investor relations policy (single window for investors in the municipal entity).

  5. Investment sites.

  6. Municipal services.

  7. Available infrastructure.

  8. Tax exemptions and other preferences to investments projects.

  9. Support to small and medium businesses.

  10. Interactive Internet-based information resource.

Starting from 1 January 2019, a pilot implementation of MIS 2.0 is expected to be launched in the municipal entities of the city of Severodvinsk, as well as Kargopolsky, Onezhsky and Mezensky Districts.

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