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Investment map user’s guide

The investment map shows investment situation in the region, including data on investment sites, offers, projects, objects in the context of municipal entities, and it displays detailed information in two languages: Russian and English.

You can change languages using the button image001.jpg.

Targeted users

Domestic and foreign companies-investors, initiators of investment projects, heads of enterprises and organizations, representatives of Arkhangelsk regional public authorities, Arkhangelsk regional local governments of municipalities, and other interested persons.

Investment map interface

The system interface is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Menu.
  2. Panel of objects and filters.
  3. Map zone.


Route building

For building a route, select “route” tool from the menu and choose point addresses. You can build a route between two or more (up to 5) points.

You can also independently specify the points on the map.


Then, click «Find». The system displays the names of objects in the area of selected points and build a road route between them. If the route cannot be built, you will see a warning.

On the route panel, you can choose the checkbox of the route to the nearest ports/airports/railway stations from the selected route points. The system builds routes from each point to the nearest ports, airports, railway stations.

On hover, if you click the button of deleting the route point, the system deletes the entered value in the area and the point is removed from the route.

If you hover the mouse cursor over a segment of the route, the length of the segment is displayed.

Investment map zooming


By clicking the zoom buttons ( + / - ) on the toolbar, you can zoom in or out on the map.

Distance and direction measurement according to the selected size on the Investment map


By clicking “Distance measurement” on the toolbar and marking the point on the map, you can measure distances in a straight line to the following objects:

  • On the scale of "World" – the allocation of the geographical position of the Arkhangelsk region, indicating the distances and directions in relation to the capitals of foreign countries of G20.
  • On the scale of “Russia” – the allocation of the geographical location of the Arkhangelsk region, indicating the distance and direction in relation to the administrative centers of subjects of the Russian Federation.
  • The scale of “Northwest Federal District” – the allocation of the geographical position of the Arkhangelsk region indicating distances and directions relative to the administrative centers of subjects of the Northwest Federal District.
  • On the scale of “Region” – the allocation of the boundaries of territorial division, indicating the distance and direction in relation to the regional centers of the Arkhangelsk region.

Investment map tiles


To change the basic tiles of the map, you need to select “Basic tiles” tool, the system offers 4 variants of the tiles:

  • Yandex.Maps,
  • OpenStreetMap,
  • Public cadastral map of Rosreestr,
  • 2GIS.

Investment map measurement of distance


When you choose “Distance measurement” tool, mark several points on the map, the straight line with the distance output is drawn between the marked points.

Investment map measurement of area


The “Area measurement” tool allows you to measure the area of an object limited by the points you specify.

Investment map “Print” button


When you select “Print” tool, the print dialog box (standard for the selected browser) is displayed.


The field for printing will show the currently displayed part of the Investment map.

Investment map “Help” button


When you select the "Help" tool, a new browser tab opens with the user's instructions on how to work with the Investment map in the language.


Investment map button of “Saving a map area as a graphic file”


The “Saving a map area as a graphic file” tool allows you to save the selected area as a photo to your computer.

Investment map button of “Link creation”


The “Link Creation” tool allows you to create and copy a link to the map area you have selected.

Investment map button of “SME business navigator”


Using the “SME business navigator” tool, you can go to the SME Business Navigator Map available at:

Panel: list of layers on the Investment map

You can work with the list of layers by changing the activity status of the layer using the radio button.

The filter button allows you to limit the output of items by narrowing categories.



When you click “Reset filter”, the sorting for all layers on the map is reset.

Search by object’s name


The "Search" function allows you to find objects on the map corresponding to the specified criterion. When using the function, a list of all found items with an icon of the object type and the ability to scroll are displayed.


Find the object you need in the list, click it and go to the object’s card.


You can zoom in on an object and also get a link to it.

Object info window and object on map

To get information about an object, click on the selected object.


When you click on the icon of the object, you see information about the object’s name. If you click on the name of the object, a detailed description of the object opens, with the ability to zoom in on the object, get a link to it or go to the object’s card on the page of the section "Investment opportunities".

Panel: Legend


Clicking on the legend icon you open a “legend key”, which displays the currently active layers.