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Construction of a barn

Project phase: planning Focus: agriculture, entrepreneurship Investment: amount:21 million rubles Municipal entity: the town of Onega, Onezhsky district Description: It is expected to create an agricultural project involving the construction of a barn on the basis of modern technologies of equipment for milking and cattle keeping. Dairy business requires investments, but it pays off quite quickly in case of proper organization. The key element of monetary expenses is the purchase or lease of land and the construction of a barn. The cost depends on the district, the site area and pasture land, the condition of barns and communications. The advantages of rent are old Soviet farms for cattle which meet all the necessary standards. The dairy unit, which is organized on the farm, will not only receive, but also cool the milk. The chilled product is much easier to send to factories and processing plants, as well as to sell in the markets. Farmers, who have up to 200 heads of livestock, can open a small shop and sell their own products.
PSEDA (Priority Social and Economic Development Area)
Volume of investments, ₽
from 1 to 50 millions
Municipal entity
Onezhsky district
Construction of a barn