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Fishing of undeveloped objects in the Northern basin

Project phase: planning. Focus: Industrial activity, entrepreneurship. Investment amount: 160 million rubles Municipal entity: the town of Onega, Onezhsky district. Description: It is a resource project focused on fishing of target stocks, the total allowable catches (TACs) are not established, i.e. the fishing permit is issued at the request of company. It is expected to fish white sea herrings, Czech-Pechora herrings and flounders. These fishing objects are profitable and currently undeveloped. The significant investment amount refers to the purchase of a vessel designed for fish catching and its freezing aboard until it is sold
PSEDA (Priority Social and Economic Development Area)
Volume of investments, ₽
from 50 to 200 millions
Fisheries, aquaculture
Municipal entity
Onezhsky district
Fishing of undeveloped objects in the Northern basin