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Reconstruction of Arkhangelsk Plywood Plant capacities

Objects to be created:veneer splicing line, veneer packs collecting and prepressing line, plywood cut line, plywood grinding and sorting line, aspiration and waste removal system, steam boiler compartment, raw material storage site
Total investment: 1,139.5 million roubles
Funding sources:
  • own funds: 684.6 million roubles
  • loan funds: 454.9 million roubles

Stages and terms of project implementation:
  1. 2012–2015 – construction of wood waste boiler
  2. 2013–2016 – reconstruction of plywood production
Annual fiscal receipts (planned): 669.5 million roubles
No. of jobs to be created: 136
Project leader / initiator
Arkhangelsk Plywood Plant, closed joint stock company
Place of project implementation
city of Novodvinsk
Project budget
1 139.5 million rubles.