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Alexander Dyatlov: "Over the last five years the wood industry of the Arkhangelsk Region has shown significant progress"

In his assessment of the Governor’s report Mr Alexander Dyatlov, the Deputy Chairman of the Regional Delegates Assembly, drew attention to the results from the work of the regional authorities in the field of the wood industry development.

"As far back as five years ago, the wood industry of the Arkhangelsk Region experienced hard times. In Arkhangelsk itself, Solombala Pulp & Paper Mill and Timber Mill No.3 were shut down; most enterprises faced the brink of bankruptcy, many employees were dismissed, the wages were withhold – so the industry was in a deep crisis", says Mr Dyatlov

At the same period, through the collaboration of the Russian Government with the local authorities and business, in the region started the implementation of priority investment projects.

"In recent years, we have witnessed the appearance of about five new large high-tech enterprises in sawmilling. Arkhangelsk Pulp & Paper Mill is currently upgrading; within the Ilim companies group, there is a substantial renovation of production facilities, new jobs are being created. As per the pellets manufacturing, our region will soon move up to the first position in the country. In Pinezhsky District, the ULK companies group is implementing a large investment project with a budget of almost RUB 28 billion. All the venues will be complemented by paved access roads and social infrastructure. It could therefore be said that in the development of the wood industry of the Arkhangelsk Region within the last five years the clear success is achieved and this development is continuing", emphasizes the Deputy Chairman

Press Office of the Arkhangelsk Regional Delegates Assembly