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Delegation of the Arkhangelsk Region to take part in the Russian Investment Forum

The event will be held on 14–15 February in Sochi. The main topic of the forum is “National projects: from strategy to action”.

The forum is a key event of the year for the presentation of investment opportunities of Russian regions and a substantive discussion on the development of territories.

The forum will be held with the participation of Dmitry Medvedev, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation

Participants of the event will discuss issues of implementation of national projects at the federal and regional levels, priority areas and the most important aspects of the economic and investment potential of constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The forum agenda is more relevant than ever. In this country, this year begins with active implementation of national goals and strategic objectives defined in the so-called May Decree of 2018 by the President of the Russian Federation. It will be carried out through 12 national projects, and the Arkhangelsk Region takes part in all of them.

We recall that each national project is detailed in 67 federal projects. To date, the Arkhangelsk Region is connected to 54 of them. The only exceptions are those implemented exclusively by federal authorities, or solely in the territory of particular constituent entities of the Russian Federation, for example, the project “Preservation of Lake Baikal”.

For the implementation of national projects in the Arkhangelsk Region for the period up to 2024, it is planned to allocate more than 80 billion rubles, including more than 2 billion rubles from the funds of the consolidated budget of the Arkhangelsk Region.

Within the framework of the Russian Investment Forum, representatives of the delegation of our region will hold talks with investors, a number of important agreements will be signed.

Press Office of the Governor and Government of the Arkhangelsk Region

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