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Igor Orlov: The Russian Investment Forum in Sochi has become a venue where implementation mechanisms for national projects are being developed

With regard to the agenda of the Forum, Igor Orlov noted that the plenary session, discussions at the venue were aimed at the coordinated entry of all responsible parties –the country government, regions, businesses, society as a whole – into the process of implementation of national projects.

The head of the Arkhangelsk Region emphasized that in solving the tasks set by the President of Russia, the regions will rely on the experience that already exists, but at the moment this is clearly not enough.

"Huge funding and significant resources will be allocated for the implementation of national projects and the country’s key tasks. New challenges require new approaches, and at the same time, the actions should be reconciled as much as possible. It is necessary to coordinate the ways of achieving the goals set by the society and perhaps to make corrections in those ways", emphasized Igor Orlov.
Within the Forum, the heads of the regions met the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who noted the effectiveness of interaction with the governors’ corps.

"During the conversation, I drew attention to the necessity to develop special conditions for the entrepreneurs working in the Arctic. The discussion also started about the creation of research and educational centres, in the forming of which, I believe, it is impossible to ignore the existing universities, since they can provide the basis for solving this task", explained Igor Orlov.
Summing up the participation of the delegation of the Arkhangelsk Region in the Russian Investment Forum, the Governor noted the importance of working meetings and entering into agreements aimed at implementing large-scale investment projects – such as telecommunications, fuel and energy complex, housing and public utilities – in the region.

It is noteworthy to mention the importance of the quadripartite agreement concluded between the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region, the Head of the Komi Republic, the management of Gazprombank and the inter-regional company Belkomur on cooperation in implementing the project for the construction of the Arkhangelsk – Syktyvkar – Solikamsk railway.

Press Office of the Governor and Government of the Arkhangelsk Region