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Municipal Investment Standard 2.0 to be implemented at four pilot sites in Pomorie

This issue was discussed at a meeting of the Project Committee of the Arkhangelsk Region, chaired by Igor Orlov.

We recall that the development of the Municipal Investment Standard 2.0 began last year at the initiative of the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region. Three municipalities - Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk and Primorsky District - participated in its development very closely. The studies were conducted in all municipalities both at the start of the project and during the creation of its individual elements since it was important to take into account the opinions and wishes of each of them. Today the development of the project MIS 2.0 can be considered complete.

The Standard is necessary primarily to improve the existing system of support for investment activities and attract investment to the municipalities of the Arkhangelsk Region.

Municipal Investment Standard v. 2.0 is methodological recommendations for its implementation in the municipalities and urban districts, a monitoring system, a pool of best municipal practices in this area and so on. You can get acquainted with the documents at the investment portal of the Arkhangelsk Region in the section "About the Region".

According to the project manager Oleg Bacherikov, Deputy Head of the Administration of Severodvinsk for financial and economic issues, a number of problems were identified during the development of MIS in the municipalities of the Arkhangelsk Region. 

Among them - lack of experience and skills of municipal employees in working with investors, lack of positioning of the investment attractiveness of municipalities of the region, differences in approaches and fragmentation in the timing and quality of procedures for the provision of municipal services in support of investment projects in the region. The implementation of the Municipal Investment Standard will provide a significant improvement in the situation in these areas.

In 2019, MIS 2.0 will be implemented in four municipalities of the region selected as pilot sites - in the city of Severodvinsk and in Kargopol, Onega and Mezen districts.

We have completed a large stage of project development; we were able to provide final recommendations for all municipalities of the region. We will certainly support those who will implement the municipal investment standard in their territory, - said Igor Orlov. - Especially since the pilot municipalities have reason to represent their investment potential at various sites.

Press Office of the Governor and Government of the Arkhangelsk Region

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